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Jan 14, 2020

Emeric and his Sister, Vickey Chalumeau, record a mind-blowing episode. Vickey married three times, widowed two times, and her U.S. Marine son, while deployed to Iraq, gave the ultimate sacrifice. Vickey opens-up about what Emeric never knew: Con-man husband. CIA conspiracy. Not giving up. Grieving multiple losses. Sunny the psychic. Personal baggage. How to find happiness and a whole lot more.

These Bullet Points are Not Click Bait:

  • How to Find Happiness
  • The Marriage Triple Crown
  • Sunny the Psychic Said So
  • I wanted #1 Husband to Disappear
  • #2 was a Con Man
  • Was it Homicide?
  • 3 Weddings 3 Funerals
  • Crushing On a Priest
  • My Sister, The Nun?
  • Losing a Child: My Marine Son
  • Loving Again, Again, and Again
  • Aborted Grief
  • He was Like Ted Bundy
  • Very Interesting, But Shtupid
  • Feeling Joy Again
  • Everybody Has Baggage
  • Caution to the Wind
  • Did His Staff Just Propose to Me?
  • Single vs. Available
  • Just Say Yes, Fix it Later?
  • Grieving the Ex
  • Waiting vs. Choosing to Feel Joy
  • Dancing Queen 800-959-TAPS (8277) Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. “Caring for the Families of America’s Fallen Heroes”

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Music and lyrics by Emeric McCleary and Elena McCleary. Copyright 2020 All rights reserved.