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Feb 25, 2020

Paige Wilson and Emeric continue with part 2 of 'Pretending to Be Happy.'  We riff about grudges, explore if the Batchelor Show can kill you, stupid life insurance advice, family members too busy to visit the one who is dying, leaving your youngest kid far away at university, lingering guilt, things your spouse couldn’t say to your face, and a whole lot more.

The Bullet Points:

  • Life Insurance No One Mentions
  • AWOL Family Support
  • It's What Makes You Human
  • Grudges Really Grind?
  • Brain Seared Images
  • Can the Batchelor Show Kill You?
  • Stupid Sh*t People Say
  • Paparazzi Driven Ambulance
  • Be Alert to the Beauty in Life
  • Can You See a Silver Lining?
  • Baby Goes to University
  • Sell the House
  • Guilt Lingers
  • What He Couldn’t Tell Me

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