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Mar 17, 2020

Tom Verst and Emeric McCleary continue with part 2 of ‘The Loss of Innocence.’

We talk about PSDD (Post Spousal Death Disorder), watching your kids heal, the stress and difficulty of always putting your kids first, waiting for elusive calm, neglecting yourself, not ready-to-date, and much more.

Bullets to Ponder

  • Daughter Graduates-Now What?
  • Escape from Momhood
  • Checking-Off the Boxes
  • Consumed by the Current
  • First Four Years Sucked
  • She Laughed, After 4 Years
  • She Was Cutting Herself?
  • PTSD and PSDD- WTF
  • Birds and Bees Fear
  • Not a Good Father
  • Waiting for Calm

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