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Mar 23, 2020

Tom and Emeric keep going in part 3 of ‘The Loss of Innocence.’

You’ll discover what Tom Verst stole from Tom Hanks.

What happens when Tom is in the middle of a sh*t storm, and his stable predictable job of 23 years is terminated?

Feeling stuck, God stuff, Brené Brown, and tons more.

Messy Random Bullet Points

  • What We Stole from Tom Hanks
  • More Dragons to Slay
  • Who Should You Blame?
  • A Test with No Grades
  • Muslim Conundrum
  • Brené Brown 50/50
  • Unqualified to Parent
  • It’s What Defines You
  • Chinese Water Torture
  • Does Death Shape Kids?
  • 1st Year Naiveté
  • 5th Year Digression
  • Chest Deep in Quick Sand
  • Lost My Job
  • Now I’m Scared!
  • Spin One More Plate
  • How Much Can One Man Take?
  • My Job Placement Counselor

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