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Feb 16, 2021

Elida Myers found another soulmate. Then he died.

Elida shares vulnerable details how, after previous marriages and splits, she conjures the courage to take a reluctant risk and allow herself to see the beauty in life with another man--a man with an unquenchable zest for life--another soulmate.  His name is Rick.

Elida and Rick are inseparable--madly in love. Elida moves-in. Life is a sunny beach until Rick gets sick.

Shacking-up has complexities and consequences, before and especially after Rick dies from the insidious disease he always had but didn't fully disclose to Elida.

If your spouse died too (or your partner) and you're thinking you might marry or partner-up again--listen to this entire eye-opening series for emotional yet practical lessons about attorneys, sinister siblings, dysfunctional families, and the quest for life's beauty.


  • My Long Lost Friend
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Was That a Whoopie Cushion?
  • I Made the First Move
  • Another Soulmate
  • I Moved In
  • Life is a Beach When You Live on a Bay
  • The 20-Month Mistake
  • That Girl-Marlo Thomas 
  • God's Involvement?
  • Partner, Boyfriend, BF?
  • People Assumed We Were Married
  • He Was a Widower
  • He Didn't Come Clean
  • The Tequila was Tainted
  • ICU--The Horror
  • Scribbled Love Note
  • Police Oh Boy

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