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Mar 23, 2021

Welcome to part 3 of 4, Boldly Into the Darkness, with the widowed author of Boldly Into the Darkness Autumn Toelle-Jackson.

You might be perplexed if you haven't listened to parts 1 and 2 first.

In this episode, you'll meet Autumn's "grief person." His name is Kyle. The Japanese art of Kintsugi, and how it reflects your true beauty. Admitting you need help.

Does grief ambush you?

When you least expect it, in the worst places--smack! It hits you. Autumn's fear of falling apart in business meetings drove her to a simple counterintuitive solution--it works.

Small town judgment. What will they think of me?--How Autumn derails the shame train.

Dead husband baggage.

Judging the Hell out of yourself. Autumn wonders if she's just damaged goods.

Not being able to make decisions: Going from fiercely decisive to an indecisive wreck--and how Autumn changed it. 

Plus a boatload more. See clues in bullets below.


  • My Grief Person
  • His Name Is Kyle
  • Who Was I Now?
  • I Couldn't Make Decisions
  • Becoming Decisive Again
  • Kintsugi
  • You're So Strong. Oops.
  • Grief at Work--Yikes!
  • I'm Having a Bad Day
  • How Are You? Really?
  • Admitting You Need Help
  • The Food Trains--Chew-Chew
  • Petty Complaints
  • Mickey and The Motor Cars
  • Kyle and The Concert
  • Find Me Attractive?
  • Small Town Judgment
  • He Stayed in The Friend Zone
  • Am I Damaged Goods?
  • Dead Husband Baggage
  • Judging The Hell Out of Yourself

Gracias for listening. Join Autumn Toelle-Jackson and me for the final part 4.

Winner of the Illumination Book Awards' 2021 Silver Medal.

Autumn's memoir Boldly Into The Darkness: Living with Loss, Growing with Grief & Holding onto Happiness can be purchased at her website (Includes grief resources as well as merchandise and the book.


Paperback: Available at your local independent bookstore.

Also available through Amazon.  

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