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Mar 30, 2021

Welcome to final part 4 of 4, Boldly Into the Darkness, with the widowed author of Boldly Into the Darkness Autumn Toelle-Jackson.

Final episode appetizers...

Might judgy people rule your decisions?

Why one love doesn’t and can’t replace another.

Autumn’s transformative coach. Finding the right therapist. What the coach says about Autumn’s fear of forgetting her late spouse.  How to accept grief and not be ashamed.

The puzzling marriage proposal (sentence contains clue).

Should we have a kid? Autumn and Kyle decide. Courageous Miracle. The walk of honor (have Kleenex ready). Thirty-six hours to save three lives. You'll learn why the clock ticks.

Autumn reveals her cathartic tattoos and plenty more.


  • Judgment Reflects on The Judge
  • The Transformative Coach
  • Fear of Forgetting My Late Spouse
  • Memories Get Blurry
  • How Does That Make You Feel?--Barf Now
  • The Widow's Ring
  • One Love Doesn't and Can't Replace Another
  • The Puzzling Marriage Proposal
  • Should We Have a Baby?
  • Courageous Miracle
  • Code Blue
  • The Walk of Honor
  • 36 Hours to Save Three Lives
  • She Liked Butterflies
  • Cathartic Tattoos

Thanks for listening.

Autumn's book is the Winner of the Illumination Book Awards' 2021 Silver Medal.

Autumn's memoir Boldly Into The Darkness: Living with Loss, Growing with Grief & Holding onto Happiness can be purchased at her website (Includes grief resources as well as merchandise and the book.


Paperback: Available at your local independent bookstore.

Also available through Amazon.  

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