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Apr 20, 2021

Three and a Half Years Since (3 of 4).

The marriage question—are you all in? I wonder why my widowed friends say they’ll never marry again. And does that mean they’ll never be 100% “all-in” on any relationship?

Who was sleeping with the librarian?

Three and a half years since Donna died, what’s Tim’s identity now? After your spouse died you’re invited to a wedding. But now the invitation says You and guest. Gut punch?

Is Tim still pissed at God?

Woo Woo? Tim explains how he senses his late spouse Donna’s presence.

Tim examines why it makes more sense—he should have died instead. Plus more.

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Episode 25 Want to Feel Normal?

Bull Ettes

  • The Marriage Question
  • Are You All In?
  • Sleeping with the Librarian
  • What's Your Identity Now?
  • You and Guest--Wedding Invite
  • What's a Paw Paw?
  • Still Pissed at God?
  • Feeling Her Presence
  • Why I Should Have Died Instead

Thanks for listening. Join us for part 4 of Three and a Half Years Since.

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