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Jul 6, 2021

Seven years ago, while on a phone call with his boss, Sherri’s husband Greg suddenly died. Sherri wants to call the boss and ask about that call. Can I convince Sherri to call Greg’s boss while we record?

Sherri reveals why you won’t find a framed picture of her boyfriend in her new house.

Facebook problems for the widowed—heed this warning before your pic is plastered or tagged on Facebook.

Does Sherri have spies surveilling her boyfriend?

Angry make-up sex. Have you ever had any? Definition and example.

Is there a way out of love where both people are okay with it?

And more…


  • No Boyfriend Pictures In My House
  • Facebook--Tag, You're It!
  • Sherri's Spies--The Grapevine
  • My Parents Love My Boyfriend--What They Don't Know
  • Angry Make-Up Sex
  • Does Uncertainty Make Us Settle for a Mediocre Mate?
  • Our Last Bear Hug Before He Died
  • Do You Have The Courage To Reach Out?
  • Telling Your Kids About Dates
  • Is There An Easy Way Out Of Love For Both?
  • How Do You Treat Dishonesty?
  • He Ordered Me Another Glass Of Wine 

Thanks for listening. Join us for the final part 3.  

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