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Aug 3, 2021

Didn't the world stop when your spouse died?

Letting go of friends and family--even if only temporarily.

Since your spouse's death, are you more empathic or less or both?

Glimpses of how Julie and I parent our respective kids without their respective Dad or Mom.  Hint: It's not easy.  There's no do-over.  And sometimes, you have to keep your mouth shut.

Julie's engaged without a wedding date.  Why? Julie reveals the real reason. Can this be worked out? Is sabotage on the horizon?

Okay, so Julie's engaged, but has she and John had the critically important conversation about finances?

Julie talks about giving grace. A great lesson for me. After we recorded, I researched the concept of giving grace. It's hard for me. But it's meaningful and beautiful. 

Finding beauty in life's messiness--if you are open to it.

What is Julie's worst-case scenario?

Marriage is hard, Do you give up one person's dreams over another?  I the journey of finding a new love worth it?

And so much more!

Julie's prior show and God winks serendipity interview links are below the Bullets.


  • How Is The World Not Stopping?
  • Empathy, More or Less
  • Magic Words--They Don't Work Anymore
  • Not Sweating The Small Stuff Anymore
  • Your Kids Have To Experience Tough Things
  • Why Don't My Kids Call More?
  • Engaged, But No Wedding Date?
  • Give Grace--Here's Why
  • Trust Issues
  • Trying-Working-Staying In Love Isn't Easy
  • It's So Messy--Life.
  • Worst Case Scenario
  • Is Finding New Love Worth It?

Thanks for listening.

Julie's God winks interview link here.

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