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Apr 5, 2022

Should I Make My Online Dating Profile Now? Returning guest co-host Barb Flynn helps set up my online dating profile. Barb’s deadpan sense of humor plays well with mine—naturally, we go off into the weeds (figuratively). We discuss gobs!

Warning: Barb and I drank beer before and during recording, but I sound like I beer-bonged espresso—maybe because I was both anxious and delighted to record.

Also, to add context, we recorded after I had gone out twice with Miss Kayak. Some discourse is similar to what you hear in the two episodes of “Dear Donna, I’m Finally Dating" --episode links to Part 1 and Part 2.

Now…Usually, when I record in-person with a guest co-host, we are more than six feet apart, not because of Covid, but because I need distance between microphones to reduce audio problems.

But this time, we share my laptop to set up a dating profile—so we have to sit next to each other, almost uncomfortably close—and this tension adds to the evening fun, especially because Barb’s dead pan sense of humor plays wells with mine. (Please note, Barb and I have not dated each other, and you’ll hear why.)

This is a two-part series. And in this first part, vulnerable chit chat encompasses insights into— relationships, dating, grit, optimism, actionable advice, and being alert for life’s unexpected beauty.

And there’s more!

Barb and I babble about, for example: 

Am I too short and old to be a hot date?

How to make out in a restaurant like a rock star. 

The stupid breakup line you might expect from the narcissistic Taliban.

Here’s why she won’t spoon you.

And for my woo-woo sensibilities, is the universe female?

Please enjoy our wide-ranging, beer-battered banter in this first part of Should I Make My Online Dating Profile Now?



  • Learning To Date: Like A Virgin
  • How To Make Out In A Restaurant Like A Rock Star
  • Stupid Male Break-Up Line
  • Who Is The Narcissistic Taliban?
  • Always Say Yes To A Fix-Up, Or Else
  • Crickets—Ghosted On My First Try?
  • Why Mornings Are Less Risky
  • Barb’s Hammered Bartender
  • Why Some Cuddle, Then Move On
  • My Quandary
  • Here’s Why She Won’t Spoon You
  • The Universe Is Female

Thanks for listening.

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