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Mar 14, 2023

Why do professionals, surrounded by death, loss, and grief, think they must hold their shyt together for their patients, family, and themselves?

For years, these professionals have been expected to bury their emotions, suck it up, and move on. Present stoically. No one must know if you seek therapy. Any sign of grief is weakness. A liability. A career impediment.

What will my colleagues think of me? What will my patients think of me? What will my family think of me?

I’m a pro. I can’t lose my shyt.

But no one, no one is spared the pain of loss, the grief, that yearning for what you can no longer have.

Loss and Grief Personal Stories of Doctors and other healthcare Professionals launches the mission to normalize loss and grief, for the very same professionals who work smack dab everyday chin deep in the loss and grief swamp.

The book has 17 stories of loss and grief, each story from a different writer.

As the book title suggests, the writers are all involved with death and dying: oncologists, psychologists, therapists, and other professionals who work with loss and grief daily.

5 writers, write about losing their spouse. The other 12 stories concern losses, for example—parent, sibling, friend, and loss of identity.

At first, I was distressed about recommending a book that includes losses other than spousal, but each of the five widowed writers could be on the podcast telling their once-upon-a-time story. And in these episodes, I read to you, two heartfelt poignant stories. 

It takes tremendous courage to be vulnerable, to spill your guts.

If you know someone who works in this environment, consider gifting them this book! I hope this request becomes obvious after you listen.

Thanks for listening.

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Hope. Heal. Find love again. Give Grief The Middle Finger.

~ Emeric

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