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Apr 9, 2024

Vaping to cope. THC and CBD.

Jane needs Jarie to be her ROCK.

Failure lump in Jarie’s throat. The feeling…how anxiety and stress manifest themselves.

When Jarie, the man who loves a plan, asks himself “How am I going to fix this?” And then realizes “I can’t fix this!”

Chemotherapy ravages—Jarie buzzes off Jane’s long black hair. 

Freezing your embryos. Jarie and I have a gut-wrenching intimate discussion. 

Discussing death with your dying spouse. So hard.

How a guardian angel social worker puts things into clear focus.

Jarie describes the best gift he’s ever had: priceless words Jane said to him about finding love after death.

Link to Jarie’s website where you can purchase his book and learn about everything Jarie.

If you haven't listened to Part 1, link here:  Part 1 

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Join us for part 3 of 3.

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