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Apr 16, 2024

The last doctor visit, and why Jane’s doctor cries.

Hope discussion. Did Jarie have a hope stopping point, like I did? 

What love is.

Jane’s last written words, delivered to Jarie, after Jane dies. 

Now, how Jarie lives each day, even if it’s a shytty day. Try this. 

Love after Jane. Is soon, too soon? Define soon.

Dating and guilt.  No one else knows your path.

If you’re uncertain (scared to death) about dating, hear what Jarie says, because you might not have another shot.

Quitting substances (except caffeine and orange-glazed scones). Jarie specifies his decisions, effects, and how this helps to not make life more miserable.

Golden words of wisdom. 

Link to Jarie’s website where you can purchase his book and learn about everything Jarie.

If you haven't listened to Parts 1 or 2, link here:  Part 1  Part 2

Thanks for listening.

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