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Jan 20, 2020

Emeric details his grief ambush, rumination, asking real questions, finding meaning and the unexpected beauty in life.

Random Bullet Points:

  • Grief Wipe-Out Game
  • Oops, I Did It Again
  • Self-Ambush, Huh?
  • Ruminations
  • Flip Grief the Bird?
  • Hanging in There, WTF!
  • Wonder Bread Answers
  • Be Alert When Suffering
  • Forget Nemo, Find Meaning
  • My Prayer for You

Thanks for listening.

You can ask, judgment-free, something you might not ask in a grief group, email me at

Some day, you'll be able to simply leave a voice message at

Music and lyrics by Emeric McCleary and Elena McCleary. Copyright 2020 All rights reserved.