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Feb 3, 2020

Barb Flynn and I continue with part 2 of “I Love You Too, Babe." Our conversation meanders around supernatural signs from the beyond, lessons on running your business with calamity on your back. Face it, when your spouse dies, you are now the sole decision-maker. “Widow brain” irrational decisions, why Barb really decided to put their home on the market. What it feels like to purge years of accumulated stuff. And more!

Out-of-Order Bullet Points:

  • Supernatural Signs - Weird or Normal?
  • 1st Year Nothing Seems Real
  • Widow Brain Decisions
  • They Always Say…Who’s They?
  • Running a Business in a Sh*t Storm
  • The Invaluable Staff
  • I Had to Compartmentalize
  • Nighttime is the Hardest
  • Is 2nd Year Worse Than 1st?
  • Deciding to Sell Our Home
  • The Great Purge-Feeling Good Yet?
  • Darren’s Favorite Coffee
  • What’s in Darren’s Box?

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