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Mar 3, 2020

Emeric’s pre-marital sex snag stumps widowed guest co-host Paige Wilson. We also talk about grieving what hasn’t happened, zero energy, how your kids really learn about sex (awkward conviction), excuses to be reckless, intolerance for complainers,  hope, silver linings, and much more.

Bunch o’ Bullets:

  • Who's Getting Married Again?
  • Sex Before Marriage Controversy
  • Happy with Companionship
  • Father-Daughter Dance
  • Grieving What Hasn’t Happened
  • Not the Best Parent
  • Running on Empty
  • Crockpot vs. Crackpot
  • Brothers Protect Sister
  • A Date with Voldemort
  • What's in the China Cabinet?
  • Excuse to be Reckless
  • Virginity Renewal
  • Giving Away His Stealth Crutches
  • Woo-Whoo!
  • Don’t Date the Po Po

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