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Apr 7, 2020

Emeric and Tom finish the Loss of Innocence marathon! If you haven’t listened to parts 1 through 4, please listen to those first, otherwise, you’ll miss out on the Once-Upon-a-Time back story.

In this final episode, you’ll hear:  Why Tom avoids therapy. Battling anger. Can you choose joy? Why home projects never get completed. Heroic generous cousins. Why Tom’s daughter might be related to Harry Houdini. Cathartic family group crying. And tons more!

Final Bullet Points

  • Everything Methodical
  • Tom’s Dad’s Ironic Eerie Death
  • Grief Hasn’t Caught Up to Me
  • Battling Anger
  • What is Victorious?
  • The Nightmares
  • Ferris Bueller Wisdom
  • Cathartic Crying
  • Grandma Can’t Text
  • Can You Outsource It All?
  • Do You Choose Joy?
  • Closest Thing to a Mom
  • Who’s a Flight Risk?
  • Disappearing Act: Tom’s Daughter
  • Selective Emotional Numbing: Brené Brown
  • Peel The Joy Onion
  • Christmas Train in June
  • Joy in Fixing Sh*t

I’m honored and humbled you’ve taken the time to listen.

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