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May 12, 2020

Now almost seven years after our respective spouse's deaths, Paige Wilson and I debate finding meaning and purpose.

We ponder pandemic personal practices: why do some people wear a mask, and some don’t seem to give a sh*t.

Are stay-at-home orders a welcome warning or a lonely look into your future?

And much more.

Please enjoy this meandering late-night jabber, with my widowed guest co-host Paige Wilson.

Los Bullets

  • My Flock of Seagulls Hairdo
  • Poopy Personal Pandemic Practices
  • The Selfish Man
  • Why Won't You Wear a Mask?
  • We All Like Certainty
  • He Who Has a Why…
  • Where to Find Meaning
  • Why I Podcast
  • Forget Meaning, I Want Him Alive!
  • Down Syndrome Parent Circle
  • My Oxygen

Thanks for listening.

I hope this episode nudges you to think about meaning and purpose.

Coming up in part 2, Paige and I continue our late-night foray.

We ponder marriage for convenience.  When you’re an old fart, and you have no helpful family around, should you marry someone just so you’ll have a nurse? Maybe a paid escort is a better value?

Why getting hit by a big truck is a bad option.

And Paige’s scary basement incident.

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Peace, Love, Hope

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