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May 18, 2020

Paige and I continue our late-night foray.

Should you marry for convenience?  When you’re ancient and have no helpful family around, should you marry someone just so you’ll have a nurse?

The #1 best way to die: why getting hit by a big truck is a bad option.

A Mom’s warmhearted wisdom for her widowed daughter.

Paige reveals her scary basement incident.

Crooked ear crystals (not like the healing crystals you buy in Berkeley).

A not-so-common sex position, and mucho mas. ‘Mucho mas’ is Spanish for a 'lot more.'

Mas Bullets

  • Convenience Marriage
  • Eighty and Alone. Now What?
  • #1 Best Way to Die
  • Coming and Going Wink Wink
  • The Oncoming Osteo Pandemic
  • Punch My Neck If I Say This
  • Paige’s Scary Basement Incident
  • Dazed and Confused
  • Crooked Ear Crystals— Hello Sedona?
  • Uncommon Simple Sex Position
  • Mom’s Wisdom for Her Widowed Daughter
  • Live Long Like a Boss
  • Leaving the Old Neighborhood
  • Hope for the Future

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