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Jun 2, 2020

Steve and Sheila are in their 40’s. Gifted teen daughters and son. Solid jobs. Lovely home. The good life is on cruise control.

Then one day without a hint—life blows-up.

Join me and my widowed guest co-host, Steve Jacobs, in this man-to-man multipart conversation.

Read These Riveting Bullets

  • Once Upon a Time
  • Police said “Minor Accident.”
  • We Did Everything We Could
  • Fix That Issue Before Someone Dies
  • She Was the Cougar
  • The Foggy Year
  • Were There Signs?
  • Sadly, Most Women Have This
  • Playing Mommy’s Impossible Role
  • Let’s Get the Routine Going
  • Fresh Meat for the Lions
  • Only the Good Die Young-Billy Joel Says
  • Maybe You’ll Know After You’re Dead
  • Who Has a Cleaning Man?
  • The Greatest Worry Each Day

Thanks for Listening. Join us for the next part. Steve tells us why nine years after becoming widowed he still goes to widowed grief group dinner parties. And tons more.

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