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Jun 30, 2020

This is a story of unconditional love. Widowed poet Barry Johnson details how he met Beverly, the love of his life.

They couldn’t have kids but had the courage, when most couples balk, to adopt Megan, a beautiful young girl who for years was stuck in Kentucky’s foster-child system. All Megan ever wanted was a Mom.

Tragically, Beverly dies. Megan is nineteen, and Barry must forge ahead as a newly minted widower and single Dad.

But there’s a cruel twist because Barry will die too, unless this one thing happens.

Your Bullets

  • Once Upon a Time
  • We Met at Work
  • Beverly was Everything You Hoped For
  • Beverly’s Tender Delicate Heart
  • Kids for Adoption
  • How We Adopted Megan
  • When the Last Door Closes
  • Barry is a Poet
  • “L” Carved on My Chest
  • She Died. Then I was Dying
  • Grief Ambush Hit Me Hard, Years Later
  • Therapist Said I Never Grieved
  • Barry the Phoenix
  • That First Night Alone
  • The Trauma Echo
  • Why I was Angry
  • How Much Worse Could It Get?

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