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Jul 6, 2020

Welcome to part 2 of The Phoenix is a Poet with widower Barry Johnson. If you haven’t listened to part 1, please do that first because it gives you a terrific context.

In this episode, Barry and Emeric continue their open-heart conversation. You'll discover the number one reason why you should really keep a journal. The sensuous-ethereal-sex-dream that became Barry’s first poem. Deep dark places. Dating conundrums. Finding meaning.And you won’t want to miss Barry’s mesmerizing voice as he reads his poems, and so much more.


  • Why I Really Write in My Journal
  • The Sex Dream: How I Wrote My First Poem
  • Poem Reading: A Lover Visits
  • Blood Rushes Through
  • Didn’t Answer the Phone for 72 Hours
  • Crying in Bed—3 Days Straight
  • Pretending to Be Content
  • Sweet Sweet Sweet Mourning Song
  • Poem Reading: Again
  • Grief: The Gift That Keeps on Giving?
  • Freeway of Emotions— Unlimited Lanes
  • Missing the Things Nobody Knew
  • Can You Find Meaning in The Dark?
  • Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Thank Bob Dylan)
  • Hurricane Grief
  • Squashed Feelings 101
  • What Her Letter Said
  • First Date: Good Woman, Bad Timing
  • Relationship Expiration Date
  • Barry the Romantic Renaissance Man

Thanks for listening. I hope you join Barry Johnson and me for part 3, the grand finale of The Phoenix is a Poet, because surprises await you!

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