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May 18, 2021

The Rebellious Widow Jill Johnson-Young packs this final episode with personal experience and generous professional advice.

What you’ll discover…

Stacie the Mortician—Jill’s new (and current) love connection.

The reticent minister who refused to officiate Jill’s next wedding, and the baseless reasons why.

Jill has a stroke on tax day—A real one.

Will you grieve forever? What I was wrong about (it has to do with grieving forever).

How to be like ninety-nine-year-old actress Betty White (she was widowed 40 years ago and hasn’t remarried)—or how to be like Jill with the courage, after being widowed, to marry again and again.

Trust your gut—but make sure you have this one thing in place so you don’t ruin your life.

Getting naked again—with another person. Jill recommends the book Getting Naked Again by Judith Sills, Ph.D. I ordered the book from Amazon. Link here.

How to handle criticism using the Charlie Brown Criticism Defense Tactic.

Why you need a good wing person.

Is this your chance to recreate yourself?

The grief paradigm change. The five tenets of rebellious widowhood.

Boundary setting. Use this powerful skill so others don't sabotage you.

Feeling more alive when there’s intimacy in your life. I talk about me asking someone out on a date, and how it made me feel just to ask.

Why you should avoid a clone of your dead spouse.

And so much more.

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