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May 25, 2021

Widowed at twenty-eight, Tawny Platis is the queen of dead husband jokes.

Tawny is a comedian, voice actor, and host of the podcast Death Is Hilarious.

Tawny’s podcast explores how comedians and creatives use comedy and dark humor to cope with grief and trauma through storytelling and jokes.

In this episode, Tawny discusses her botched suicide plan.  Why laughter is like her heroin. PSDD--Post Spousal Death Disorder.

Pennsylvania Serah (she’s a lifesaver). Covid isolation perils. Bumble and honest dating profile advice.

Tawny thinks something is wrong with her because the same evening her husband George died, Tawny was—horny. You’ll hear what each therapist said when Tawny asked “what’s wrong with me?”

And so much more in Tawny's hope and laughter-filled journey.

Here are the Bullets!

  • Once-Upon-A-Time
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Death Is Hilarious
  • Sleeping With The Hottest Guy
  • Twenty-Eight And Widowed
  • Why The EMTs Laughed
  • Laughter Is Heroin To Me
  • Why I Need to Make People Laugh
  • I Planned My Suicide
  • Is Babs (our dog) Going to Die Too?
  • Pennslyvania Serah
  • My Husband Just Died. Why Am I So Horny?
  • Dick-Dash and the Revolving Doors
  • Tawny's Dating Profile Advice
  • Nothing Replaces Physical Touch
  • Hope-Filled Tawny
  • Sticking Around to See How The Movie Ends

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