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Dec 9, 2019

Sherri Rose joins Emeric in a vulnerable, R-rated, thought-provoking grief and hope talk. Riffing on a ton o’ topics, plus how it’s “still weird”, brazen dating stuff, what tomorrow might mean, and a courageous, yet a controversial way for you to manage grief.

Some of the Click Bait Worthy Conversation Bullets:

  • How Do You Feel...Today?
  • Mr. Mom
  • Are You On The Market?
  • The Prom Dresses
  • Things Your Spouse Will Miss
  • Shameless Tease: Maintenance Below Your Eyebrows
  • Why Aren't You Married?
  • Feels Kinda Weird...Still
  • Living Under the Ayatollah: User's Guide
  • Grief is a Gift?
  • Are You Set in Your Ways?
  • Separate Beds, Like Ricky and Lucy

Thanks for listening.

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Music and lyrics by Emeric McCleary and Elena McCleary. Copyright 2019 All rights reserved.