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Aug 17, 2021

I read essays from Jenny’s book The Good Widow - A Memoir of Living with Loss.

In one essay, titled Bone Cold, Jenny musters the courage to expose her innermost thoughts—pure raw vulnerability. When I ask Jenny, you’ll hear her explain what was really going on when she wrote the piece. You might wonder if Jenny’s a masochist.

Jenny the psychologist sees a psychic— are psychic mediums helpful or are you playing with fire?

Brutal self-punishment. How we conflate health and weight.

Why angry Jenny exercised like a meth head. Jenny’s crazy weight loss.

Daughter Maddy’s first violin recital without Daddy.

I read the essay A Letter to Grief (you need to sit for this).

Feeling permanently incomplete.

Why and how Jenny now expresses her feelings, compliments, and appreciation with conviction.

Valentine’s Day regrets. The hugest betrayal. And lots more.

The link to order Jenny’s book The Good Widow - A Memoir of Living with Loss and the blog website is below. If you are a member of the My Spouse Died Too community email list, you’ll get the links in your Behind-The-Scenes email.

Jennifer Katz's website, blog, and book discussion questions:


  • Bone Cold
  • Conflation: Weight Loss=Good Health?
  • How To Exercise Like Meth Heads
  • Fear and Loathing in Rochester
  • Angry and Self-Punishing
  • First Recital Without Daddy
  • M.C Escher
  • A Letter To Grief
  • Reconfigured and Reshaped: Death FX
  • Permanently Incomplete
  • No More Slack!
  • How The World Is Now
  • Super Clarity
  • Hold Nothing Back
  • The Time Is Now, Express With Intent
  • The Tricky Grief Group
  • Judgy Jenny. LOL
  • The Hugest Betrayal

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