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May 10, 2022

Widowed guest co-host Molly Murphy joins us.

But there’s a catch. Molly Murphy isn’t her real name.

Molly tells her story with an alias, a fake name because she must protect the truly innocent and the potentially guilty.

Every widow or widower's story and grief is custom-made. And yes, all our stories share similarities, including Molly’s, but in the end, Molly’s story has a twist, and it’s is an absolute jaw-dropper.

But Molly is not our average guest—because of the eye-popping discoveries Molly makes AFTER her husband passes. Discoveries ABOUT her husband.

Molly and her husband Dick's story starts like many of our widowed guests— a young, hope, dream, and promise-filled newlywed couple journeys through the ups and downs of life.

On the surface, Molly’s life looks enviable—children arrive, business booms, big money flows.

But life is not what it appears to be. Under the surface, building ever since Molly met Dick, a complex puzzle, a puzzle about her husband, with many missing or blurry pieces.

Did Molly’s gut sense something off-putting?

Years march on. There’s a diagnosis. Unsuccessful Treatment. Dick dies.

After Dick’s death, Molly mourns. Molly grieves. Molly is bereft.

Then, an inconceivable twist.

Because short weeks after the funeral, one by one, elusive puzzle pieces and climactic revelations clearly appear.  Molly discovers her husband is not the man everyone saw on the surface.

The discoveries will shock and appall you to your core. Especially because you might be or might have been subjected to this type of evil.

These unveilings go way beyond my comprehension. Needless to say, it appears miraculous Molly and her kids survived the mental and emotional turmoil, a forever profound scar-filled impact.

Molly exudes resilience, and to tell her story, Molly conjures colossal courage, to bare, to bare her soul— her most raw vulnerable self.

You’ll hear how Molly chooses, and what it takes, professional and spiritual, in the face of insurmountable odds, to forge ahead, to hope, to heal, day by day, to rise from the ashes, like a Phoenix.

Please enjoy part 1 of our chardonnay relaxed evening with my widowed guest co-host, also known as Molly Murphy.


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  • Walking Dirty Bomb

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