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Jun 14, 2022

Deep into treatment, Derek’s young wife Emily seeks a second opinion with the world-renowned cancer specialists at MD Anderson in Houston Texas. You’ll hear what the doctors say, their plan.  

How Derek compartmentalizes:  One moment he’s a husband, the next, he’s a caregiver, and at the same time, father to their baby boy.  Wearing three hats, how does he do this?

You’ll hear why Derek had to smuggle his baby boy INTO the hospital.

And with conflicted heavy hearts, we contemplate how, with cancer treatment, it feels as if we choose to slowly kill our loved one, because, if left untreated, cancer might kill faster.

Right after Emily’s funeral, Derek chooses to take a road trip with his baby son. Derek explains why.

And plenty more!


  • She Wanted A Second Opinion
  • Scan-xiety
  • Cancer is fu#&ed up
  • Valentine’s Weekend
  • The New Nightmare
  • Please Just Go Blank
  • Smuggling Our Baby INTO The Hospital
  • Compartmentalizing: Caregiver, Husband, and Father
  • Killing Her Slower
  • Fiesta Night
  • Angelic Hospice Nurses
  • Father and Baby Son Road Trip

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