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May 11, 2021

Part 2 of The Rebellious Widow with guest co-host, twice-widowed author, therapist, Mom, and entrepreneur Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW.

Taste Part 2:

How Casper comes back into the scene and what she asked Jill's Mom.

How to break the widow rules so you can live life on your terms without guilt and shame. The three-page bucket List.

Introducing your dead spouse. Finishing relationships—how a therapist helps you.

People uncomfortable with death: which friends or family suddenly disappeared? The Snow Goose Dress—the things you’ll wear for a dying loved one. Anticipatory Grief—when your grief starts before death. Why Jill Avoids the Frozen Pea Aisle.

The awesome rebirth Jill never imagined. To avoid unnecessary cruelty: use a Fiblet. What's a fiblet?

The secret romance alias: changing names to protect the innocent.

The real reason Robin Williams took his own life.

How to get 300 gay men to sing Happy Birthday To You, and so much more.

Lots 'O Bullets

  • The Widow Rules--How to Break Them
  • She Left Me a Three Page Bucket List
  • She Died a Good Death
  • After The Funeral Everyone's Gone
  • Introducing Your Dead Spouse
  • Finishing Relationships--Therapy Challenge
  • Discomfort With Death? Who Suddenly Disappeared?
  • Secret Romance Alias To Protect The Innocent
  • I'm Smiling Again--It's What Momma Wanted
  • JillandLinda (not a typo)
  • What's a Fiblet?
  • Casper Asked My Mom for This
  • Lewy Body Dementia--Holy Shyt!
  • Robin Williams R.I.P.
  • Like Sandra Day O'Connor
  • The Starbucks Kiss
  • Two Before Fifty (Dead Wives)
  • Why Jill Avoids The Frozen Pea Aisle
  • The Snow Goose Dress
  • 300 Gay Men Sing Happy Birthday

Thanks for listening to part 2 of The Rebellious Widow with Jill Johnson-Young. If you haven't listened to part 1, here's the link.  Part 1 The Rebellious Widow (1 of 3)

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