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Jun 21, 2022

In this final episode,

Derek goes back to work and details his challenges as a single dad.

Then Derek describes how his impulsive Facebook birthday wishes to a former high school classmate four months after Emily passed, turn into a coffee date…and more.

Now, Derek contemplates dating, the timing since Emily’s death, and the confusion he feels, mixed with grief.

Derek tells us how he meets one-on-one with his extended family to announce he’s dating.

Derek gingerly admits and explains family “mixed reviews” and “a little backlash.”

Next— I know this is a tease, but in this final episode, Derek makes a bold announcement—listen to find out.

And there’s more:

Why grief ambushes Derek when he folds freshly laundered clothes.

Twirl and Dip. You’ll hear Derek reminisce how one song, no matter if home or in public, spurs Derek and Emily to lovingly slow dance. Of course, romantic Derek twirls and dips Emily.

Derek shares his one-word aspirational message, it speaks volumes. I encourage you to write the word and review it each day.

And tons more.

Please enjoy this final heartfelt chat with my widowed guest co-host Derek Dibbens.

Thanks for listening. If you haven't heard part 1 or 2, the links are here: Part 1    Part 2

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