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Jan 23, 2024

Gut-busting, emphatic, grand finale.

First, listen someplace where it’s safe to pee your pants.

Why Susan’s Uber driver advises her to lock the hotel door and under no circumstances come out until morning. 

Pretending all is okay--when it’s not.

Telling your family to shut the fuctuplets up.

Is God kept on...

Jan 16, 2024

Morphine, ahhhhh. Mark’s last days. 

Wait, what about Sofie, Mark’s dying dog?

The last goodbye. Mark and Sofie wear American football team Green Bay Packers sweatshirts.

From the Woo Woo and Taboo Department: before Susan’s birth, her mom bore a son. He died at birth. Like a shameful secret, never discussed. So...

Jan 9, 2024

Widowed dynamo Susan Yelton jumps into action as my guest co-host in this first episode of a whirl-wind 3 part series.

The series makes you: question, agree, cry, laugh, piss you off, shake your head and your fist, say oh my gosh, and holy shyt.

Susan even makes me blush! In a later episode we talk about...