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Jan 23, 2024

Gut-busting, emphatic, grand finale.

First, listen someplace where it’s safe to pee your pants.

Why Susan’s Uber driver advises her to lock the hotel door and under no circumstances come out until morning. 

Pretending all is okay--when it’s not.

Telling your family to shut the fuctuplets up.

Is God kept on retainer?

The High School Provocative Classmates Widow Group. 

Susan Can’t imagine falling in love again.

Oh God, I’m blushing. Can you say vi-vi-vibrators?

Life’s three stages according to Susan: what sex, food, and bowel movements have in common.

Women pee their pants.

Susan gets solicited by a hot-to-trot widower looking to replace his dead caregiver.

Why Susan transforms her basement into a NYC Greenwich Village Bohemian apartment.

Hard and unasked questions. Regret, resentment, risk, and fear.

Mark was worth missing.

Why Amazon delivers 12 bottles of body wash, after Mark dies. 

And there’s more…

If you haven't listened to Parts 1 or 2, link here: Part 1  Part 2

Thanks for listening.

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