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Apr 20, 2020

Want to Feel Normal? Emeric and returning guest co-host Tim Schneider unpack the blindly accepted words ‘Normal’ and ‘New Normal.’

But what do those words really mean? We dig deep to discover the hidden desire behind the word normal. A desire you long for? Maybe.

We: Discuss our hang-ups, debate God of the Christian Bible,  COVID-19,  we ponder “what counts as sex.” 

And did Tim ask God for a lap dance? You decide.

Plus generous advice for the freshly widowed.

And so much more.

Fairly Decent Bullet Points

  • Feeling Normal Again?
  • Unhappiness vs. Uncertainty
  • Emotional Interstate
  • COVID-19
  • Rocks vs. Leaves vs. Toilet Paper
  • Drive Home Meltdown
  • Did She Get Lucky?
  • Always Working Through It
  • The Certainty
  • God Things
  • Bad Sh*t Happens
  • Sympathetic vs. Empathetic
  • Thinking with The Right Head
  • Soul Feeding
  • Beer Six Feet Apart

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