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Jul 13, 2020

Heart-bared grand finale of The Phoenix is a Poet with my widowed guest co-host, poet, and Renaissance Man, Barry Johnson. If you haven’t listened to parts 1 and 2, please do that first because you don’t want to be lost.

In this episode,

Barry and I rock-on with our late-night chat.

We hit heaps of heavy head trash hindrances.

You’ll hear: Are you enough? Enough to date. Good enough. Attractive enough. Manly enough. Enough.

What a Praying Mantis taught Barry about Life. Can you ever be comfortable in your own skin?

We discuss parting with your late spouse's belongings. Clothes. Intimate belongings. The Harley Davidson motorcycle. Why Barry can’t part with his late spouse Beverly’s perfumes. 

Late 2019, early 2020— Barry is dying. You’ll hear Barry read the Good-Bye poem he wrote to his daughter Megan. Barry wrote the poem just hours before he answers the phone call that forever changes his life.

And there’s more…


  • What I Learned from a Praying Mantis
  • Don’t Use This Reason to Date
  • Write Poems to Help Others
  • Do Men Want to Be Desired?
  • The First Touch from a Woman
  • Giving Her Clothes Away…Quickly
  • Why I Kept Her Perfumes
  • My Wife’s Harley Davidson
  • Leather Chaps, Britches Optional
  • Comfortable with My Own Death
  • Good-Bye Poem to My Daughter
  • Poem Reading: Soldier’s Lament
  • I Got the Call
  • F#&k It—I’m Going to Live!
  • Living for Two—New Liver Delivered
  • The Serenity Prayer
  • Sometimes Life Kicks You in the Nuts
  • Barry the Renaissance Man
  • There’s Hope
  • You’re Not Alone

This is Emeric and thanks for listening. You know the My Spouse Died Too podcast is raw and real and This Ain't Your Grandma's Grief Group.

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Now, be grateful, even for the smallest thing. Peace. Love. Hope.

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