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Apr 26, 2022

WARNING. This two-part series is R-rated. If curse words and sexual innuendo don’t send you running, then stick around.

Guest co-host Barb Flynn kindly walks me through the actual live sign-up and setup of the online dating profile.

We set my profile up because after four dates with the first woman I dated (since my late spouse)—things ended—she rekindled a past romance. Great experience. I have zero regrets and no resentment. You can hear all about that in the two episodes of Dear Donna, I’m Finally Dating. Here are those links: Part 1  Part 2

So…my dating quest continues...and I add being alert to the unexpected beauty in life. Ponder that.

Now, if you think you’d like to, or you already date online, Barb’s insights and my bumbling live sign-up give you examples of…what not to do so you save time and make the process less painful and hopefully fruitful.

In this episode, as we walk or crawl live through the sign-up, you’ll discover tips and challenges on how to set up a dating subscription, what to avoid, and how to answer the app’s confusing questions.

But there’s a lot more…for example, we expose women’s effective flirting secrets. (Dear listener, you’ll want to be alert to this so you don’t waste your time with indifferent prospects). You’ll also hear dating tips and harsh realities of online dating.

Please enjoy our chit-chat while Barb coaches me, Emeric McCleary, through the sign-up process:

Thanks for listening.

Episode Links Mentioned:

Dear Donna, I’m Finally Dating Part 1  Part 2

Episode Bullets

  • Flirting Secrets Exposed
  • DO NOT Use This Profile Pic
  • Entering the Shyt Show (On-Line Dating)
  • Should Fido Be In Your Picture?
  • Why You Might Not Say You're Widowed
  • Pulling The Trigger

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~ Emeric

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