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Jul 25, 2023

You might label Kady’s Ex a “major dyck head.”

Today, Kady and her new husband celebrate ten-plus years with two kids—a teen and a five-year-old. (The Ex fathered Kady’s teen).

And then Kady’s Ex dies. 

Grief ambushes Kady.

Secretly grieving, Kady struggles to make sense of it. Embarrassment and shame pile on. Kady doesn’t want to tell anyone.

And why might someone grieve the death of a major dyck head?

This three-part series details awkward young love, endearing qualities, substance abuse, loss of innocence, teen pregnancy, immaturity, growing up too fast, choosing what’s best for your baby girl, sticking to boundaries, dating again, serendipitously finding a new spouse, and grieving your EX, even if your EX was an ashwhole.

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Hope. Heal. Find love again. Give grief the middle finger.

~ Emeric

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