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Jun 22, 2021

Barry bares his heart and shares his biggest fear. Might this be your fear too?

How Barry thinks he comes across on first dates. In other words—why Barry really thinks his first dates don’t usually lead to second dates.

The sting of rejection. This has nothing to do with transplants. But finding love again requires taking risks—and that means facing uncertainty—the fear of rejection. We talk about this in terms of unhappy vs. uncertain.

Because according to my unreferenced research, most people choose unhappiness versus uncertainty.

Do you choose certain muted contentment and suffering versus uncertain potential joy and beauty?

Knowing what you have might seem manageable—even if you’re miserable vs. the unknown—you know the unknown is risky and scary, but that’s where you have the hope and chance to discover the beauty, meaning, and love.

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The deep memory power of scent—the smell of your spouse’s shampoo, cologne, and my Mexican Mom’s flour tortillas.

And so much more.


  • Barry's Biggest Fear
  • Coming Across Desperate
  • 12 Rules of Life--Jordan B. Peterson
  • Finding the Beauty in Life
  • Test vs. Failure--Do Semantics Ease Pain?
  • Poem Reading: Strawberries
  • More Rejection Soon
  • Unhappy vs. Uncertain
  • Perfect Moments
  • Poem Reading: Daydreamin' (Warm Red Wine)
  • You're Worthy Because You're Alive
  • Organ Donor Card
  • Wisdom From Thailand

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Listen to the first 90 seconds. Ted Talk: What a sex worker can teach us about human connection--Nicole Emma.

Jordan B. Peterson book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos 

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