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Aug 24, 2021

Why Jenny feels guilty and embarrassed (about most of her book).

Jenny goes on thirty-six first dates.

More thoughts on psychic healing.

Widowed with stepkids. Your spouse is gone, will your stepkids drift away?

The problem with perfectionism.

Critical emoji texting etiquette: This emoji will get you into trouble or into fun.

I read Jenny’s essay How To Date A Widow. It’s a true tutorial I believe anyone considering dating a widow should read, and there are lessons here for all of us (male or female).

The shame-filled fairytale we are raised to believe.

You know how people say "things always work out?" But what do they mean by work out?  Jenny brilliantly reframes what it means.

And there are tons more.

The link to order Jenny’s book The Good Widow - A Memoir of Living with Loss and the blog website is below. If you are a member of the My Spouse Died Too community email list, you’ll get the links in your Behind-The-Scenes email.

Jennifer Katz's website, blog, and book discussion questions:


  • Guilty And Embarrassed
  • Psychic Healing
  • Camp Widow
  • He Should Be Here!
  • Sunny The Psychic (Sister Vickey's Medium)
  • Counter Factual Thinking
  • Will Your Step Kids Disappear?
  • Biological Link Fallacy
  • Perfectionism Problem
  • Asking My Daughter For Permission
  • First Date: Crying There And Back
  • DWTFYWTD (F-Bomb In There)
  • Reconstructing My Narrative
  • Thirty-Six First Dates
  • Do Men Only Look At Pictures?
  • Shame Filled Fairytale
  • Emoji Etiquette--Got Eggplant?
  • How Things Workout--Please Define Workout

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Camp Widow

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